Fixed Income

Highlights of our strategy include:

  • Research-based, relative value-driven process
  • Team approach to portfolio management, research and analysis
  • Specialists’ coverage across credit, interest rates, currency and investment debt with global country research and economic developments
  • Diversified range of strategies covering markets, duration, yield curve and foreign exchange
  • Benchmark-aware, not benchmark-driven
  • Tried and tested investment process, within clear risk framework, with records spanning market cycles

How we’re different:

  • Process: Experience and resources that span the globe and all sectors of the fixed-income markets
  • Proprietary research: Size and global capabilities of our team and the strong lines of communication and cross-coverage provide information advantages
  • People: Small, focused teams have clear ownership and accountability
    • More than 170 fixed income investment professionals continually search for income and yield (as of September 30, 2015).